Laurie''s work is included in

The Grid in Art and Life

On view October 3-30
Opening reception Friday, October 2, 6-9:30
1665 Norman Street, Ridgewood, Queens, 11385

A group exhibition of 60 artists and over 100 objects that celebrate the use of the grid as a structural component, a design element, and as a game in the creation of artworks.

Organized by David Weinstein and Ruth Kahn.

Included artists: Lala Abaddon, Meg Atkinson, Larry Auerbach, John Avelluto, Stephen Beal, SerraVictoria Bothwell Fels, Michael Caputo, Paul Corio, Caroline Cox, Ryan DaWalt, Lori Ellison, Robert Otto Epstein, Nate Ethier, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Jean Foos, Matt Freedman, Rico Gatson, Lawrence Greenberg, Crystal Gregory, Lisa Hein, Christine Heindl, Dale Henry, Robert Hickman, Brece Honeycutt, Gilbert Hsiao, Robin Kang, Suzanne Kelser, Sabine Laidig, Lindsey Landfried, Eric A. Mack, Doris Marten, Brenna Murphy, Ellie Murphy, Max Neuhaus, Fran O'Neill, Matthew Ostrowski, Rob, de Oude, Alex Paik, Bruce Pearson, Ronald Pellegrino, Jerry Pinsler, Cathy Quinlan, Kathryn Refi, Peggy Reynolds, Erin M. Riley, Barbara Rosengarth, Andrew Ross, Etta Sandry, Bob Seng, Filipe de Sousa, Tim Spelios, Oriane Stender, Andrew Sutherland, Laurie Szujewska, Gail Vachon, Siebren Versteeg, WallyGPX, David Weinstein, Jeremy Wood, Dustin Yellin, John Zorn 



"The leftovers rise in the oven and the storytellers
get up to dance", 2015, 7.25 x 14 inches.